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Welcome to the Tasting Room at Twelve Oaks Vineyard!

Family and friends enjoy gathering in our inviting Tasting Room. If this is your first time visiting Twelve Oaks Vineyard, you will soon find that you are part of the Twelve Oaks family. Guests who arrive at our Tasting Room comment how wonderful it is to be with people who are welcoming. They are not only referring to the many talented and friendly people who work behind the bar at Twelve Oaks; they are referring to the bond that soon forms as guests talk with others and soon friendships blossom. This is one of our goals at Twelve Oaks. Be our guest! We want you to feel welcome and be part of something wonderful!

At the Tasting Room, guests can sample varieties of our award-winning wine. We also have an assortment of frozen sangria in the summer months. In the fall, we plan to offer other sangria options. For our beer connoisseurs, we have many beers including a non-alcoholic beer. We are also happy to promote our local Ski from Breese with a collection of fun flavors.

In addition to drinks in the Tasting Rooms, guests will find amazing food options. Our friends at Marcoot Jersey Creamery make appetizing cheeses with many different options. We travel regularly to Marcoot so that our cheese is fresh for our guests. Along with Marcoot cheese, Twelve Oaks Vineyard is excited to team with our friends at Trenton Processing to offer Genoa Salami made with Twelve Oaks Vineyard Norton wine. Enjoy the savory sausage and delectable cheese paired with our amazing Twelve Oaks wine!

This spring, we started the expansion of our Tasting Room for an area where guests can gather during inclement weather including rain, heat, or cold. This fall, Twelve Oaks Vineyard has plans to continue the expansion of our Tasting Room. Stay tuned for more adventures!

Invite your family and friends and be a part of our Twelve Oaks Vineyard family!