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Meet me at The Vineyard!

The romance of the Vineyard has been portrayed in movies, books, and photographs. In our short history of Twelve Oaks Vineyard, we have had dinners, weddings, a Fireworks display, the Carlyle Garden Tour, engagement photos, Carlyle Fair Queen photos, and family photos at The Vineyard.


We invite you to experience the romance of Twelve Oaks Vineyard!




There are two one-acre vineyards nestled around the small lake at Twelve Oaks. Guests are invited to enjoy a bottle of our award-winning wine and walk through the vineyards. During the spring, catch the blossoms of the grapes and enjoy the sweet scent of the blooms. During the early summer, the vines are vigorously growing and the clusters are forming and developing. In late summer, walk through the vineyards and see the beautiful, colorful grapes that have been kissed by the sun. At the end of August to September, wonderful people from our community hand pick the sun-ripened grapes. The different varieties at Twelve Oaks Vineyard ripen at different times, so harvest times often vary. After harvest season, the vines relax and rejuvenate over the winter months. During this time, the vines must be pruned so that they are ready for the next growing season.

Care of the grape vines throughout the year yields the delicious wine found at Twelve Oaks Vineyard!

Join us at The Vineyard!