Twelve Oaks Travels

-Gerald, Denice, Jessica, and Kristina

Time for wine with the family … on the patio in Minnesota.


Enjoying Cayuga White while on Okaloosa Island.

-Dennis and Deb

Enjoying the afternoon walking the Sunflower Trail at L & A Family Farms near Paris, Illinois, cooling off with Veteran’s Salute and Veteran’s Tribute.

-Nicki and Kyle

A quiet evening enjoying some Velvet aged in Bourbon barrels in St. Louis.

-Sandy and Don

Enjoying a bottle of Velvet in Mexico.

-Frank and Linda LaFoon

Look who is visiting Tuscany Village (Orlando) along with the LaFoons. This bottle didn't make it back to the cold and rainy homeland.

-John and Linda, Mike and Sheila

Sharing a glass of Rosé in Cozumel, Mexico.


A bottle of Norton for a girls' weekend in Chicago.

-Mike and Sheila

Pulling into Cozumel, Mexico.


This wine was enjoyed by a retired F15 Air Force pilot on Pompano Beach, Florida.

-Deon and Julie

Honeymoon in Cancun, Mexico, with Twelve Oaks Vineyard Traminette wine.


Enjoying a bottle of Hummingbird Dance while in San Antonio, Texas, summer 2019.

-Ted, Angela, Carl, and Tina

Celebrating birthdays and retirements on the Las Vegas Strip with a bottle of Cayuga White!

-Lynette and Sharon

Took our own Twelve Oaks wine with us to Grafton; none we tasted could compare to it!

-Tina and Carl

This bottle of Twelve Oaks Vineyard Rosé was drank in celebration of a retirement in Myrtle Beach, August 2019.

-Janet and Kevin

Family vacation to Destin, FL, summer of 2017. We never leave home without our Hummingbird!