Our History

Welcome to Country Elegance –
Welcome to Twelve Oaks Vineyard!


Twelve Oaks Vineyard stretches its roots over one hundred years ago and four generations with German-born William Vogel and his wife Sophia. William brought his German heritage and American hard-work ethic to make a successful life for his family and future generations. This rich heritage, dedication, and love for God, family, and friends continues today with Twelve Oaks Vineyard.

In 1996, the land where William and Sophia lived would soon be the beginnings of Twelve Oaks Vineyard. Doug and Jodi Palm bought this land from Doug’s parents, William and Arlene (Vogel) Palm. Doug and Jodi fell in love with the area, and Doug was excited to live in the country again.

Wild dewberries grew abundantly on this piece of ground. Doug decided to use these dewberries to make wine. This sparked the dream of a vineyard and winery! Doug was intrigued and researched the possibilities of grapes. Motivated by his research, he enrolled in classes and attended conferences on viticulture and oenology.


Doug Palm humbly wears the hats of Viticulturist, Wine Maker, and CEO at Twelve Oaks Vineyard.

Then & Now

Throughout the years, Doug and Jodi have taken steps from researching soil, climate, grape varieties, and wine making techniques to bring attention to detail that is the hallmark of Twelve Oaks Vineyard.

Their children, Elliott and Jianna, enjoyed the beautiful country landscape of a vineyard in their backyard and embraced the family dream by helping to plant, comb, prune, and care for the vines.


After many vintages, Elliott and his wife, Rachel, continue to support Twelve Oaks Vineyard when they can as they both serve in the United States Air Force. Jianna continues to help with the vineyard, production, and winery of Twelve Oaks Vineyard during the summers when she is home from college.

Twelve Oaks Vineyard Today

The Vineyard is a composition of blessings from God and love from family and friends, and we hope you can join us for a beautiful atmosphere, award-winning wines, fun events and great company.

Our winery has proudly received and continues to be recognized for numerous awards and accolades.


After harvest, the grapes are crushed, pressed, and moved on to the delicate process of becoming award-winning wine…


Doug’s parents, William and Arlene Palm, and Jodi’s parents, Mike and Sheila Holston, have been enthusiastic and an integral part of making this dream come true with their enthusiasm, creative ideas, and much appreciated help.

Doug and Jodi’s brothers and their families, Phil and Linda, Tom and Shana, and Mike and Stephanie, continue to show excitement and support in this adventure.

Our special friends, Carl and Tina Dierkes, continue to be key components to the organization, marketing, and needed energy for this amazing ride.

Along with family, so many friends have shared not only time but also wisdom to help bring excellence to Twelve Oaks Vineyard. Most importantly, the goal of Twelve Oaks Vineyard is to put God first in everything! We thank God for His continued guidance and love shown to us with the sunshine, rain, and blessings to Twelve Oaks Vineyard.



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