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Twelve Oaks Vineyard stretches its roots over one hundred years ago and four generations with German-born William Vogel and his wife Sophia. William brought his German heritage and American hard-work ethic to make a successful life for his family and future generations. This rich heritage, dedication, and love for God, family, and friends continues today with Twelve Oaks Vineyard.

In 1996, the land where William and Sophia lived would soon be the beginnings of Twelve Oaks Vineyard. Doug and Jodi Palm bought this land from Doug’s parents, William and Arlene (Vogel) Palm. Doug and Jodi fell in love with the area, and Doug was excited to live in the country again. Wild dewberries grew abundantly on this particular piece of ground. Doug decided to use these dewberries to make wine. This sparked the dream of a vineyard and winery! Doug was intrigued and researched the possibilities of grapes. Motivated by his research, he enrolled in classes and attended conferences on viticulture and oenology. Doug humbly wears the hats of Viticulturist, Wine Maker, and CEO at Twelve Oaks Vineyard.



After harvest, the grapes are crushed, pressed, and moved on to the delicate process of becoming award-winning wine…

Throughout the years, Doug and Jodi have taken small steps from researching soil, climate, grape varieties, and wine making techniques to bring attention to detail that is the hallmark of Twelve Oaks Vineyard. Exploring the roots of Twelve Oaks Vineyard, we don’t have to reach as far as William and Sophia to see the love and dedication from family and friends. Eli and Jianna, children of Doug and Jodi, grew up with the vineyard. Besides enjoying the beautiful country landscape of a vineyard in their backyard, Eli and Jianna embraced the family dream by helping to plant, comb, prune, and care for the vines. When the grapes are ripe and samples are taken, harvesting the grapes is a fun-filled event with many people gathering to help and enjoying lunch with food and wine. After harvest, the grapes are crushed, pressed, and moved on to the delicate process of becoming award-winning wine.



Doug’s parents, William and Arlene Palm, along with his brother Phil and Linda Palm and family, have been wonderful to dedicate time and talents to help this amazing adventure. Jodi’s parents, Mike and Sheila Holston and her dad, Bob Michael, who is with us in memory, have been enthusiastic with their dedication and creative ideas. Jodi’s brothers, Tom and Shanna Michael and family and Mike and Stephanie Michael and family, have also given time and encouragement to this vineyard and winery dream. Along with family, so many friends have shared not only time but also wisdom to help bring excellence to Twelve Oaks Vineyard. Most importantly, through all the years, the goal of Twelve Oaks Vineyard is to put God first in everything!

Sometimes when an oak tree’s roots have to struggle, that makes the tree much stronger. Grape vines are also like this; seasons when grape vines struggle, their fruit is often sweeter. One of the details on each bottle of Twelve Oaks Vineyard wine is the vintage year, the season the grapes were harvested. Taste the characteristics of the variety of grapes grown at Twelve Oaks Vineyard and the vintage of the varieties. Give a gift to your senses as you take in the bouquet and taste to the seasons of wines from Twelve Oaks Vineyard!


Welcome to Country Elegance! Welcome to Twelve Oaks Vineyard!