Celebrate the delicious blackberry, cherry, plum, and spice flavors of these Southern Illinois Chambourcin grapes. Hand picked at the peak of ripeness and aged in oak barrels to create a wonderfully smooth oak finish.



Enjoy the full-bodied rich flavor of these Southern Illinois Norton grapes. Hand picked at the peak of ripeness for hints of raspberry and aged in oak barrels to create a wonderfully smooth oak finish.



Savor the crispness of these exquisite grapes in this semi-sweet wine exploding with flavors of citrus, pineapple, and apricot. Invite a friend and discover these Southern Illinois Vignoles grapes.



Send your taste buds soaring with these Southern Illinois Traminette grapes. The floral aroma of this fragrant wine is bursting with fruit and spice flavors with a hint of honey.



Challenge your taste buds to embrace the essence of this fruit forward wine. Immerse yourself in the succulent peach, melon, and apricot flavors of these vibrant Southern Illinois Cayuga White grapes. Enjoy with family and friends.



As a hummingbird gracefully flutters through a summer breeze, enjoy this sweet blush wine dancing with a balance of red and white grapes grown from our Southern Illinois vineyard.



Embrace the simplicity of this crisp rosé wine made with the delightful Chambourcin grapes grown from our Southern Illinois vineyard. Explore the flavors of citrus and melon!



Maneuvering through the skies with grace during WWI, the Red Baron was successful with his aviation skills. Enjoy this bold, sweet red wine exploding with a strategic flight of grapes grown from this Southern Illinois vineyard. Serve chilled or room temperature.



August 21, 2017. A total solar eclipse across southern Illinois as well as the continental USA. Remember this unique experience with this limited edition wine from Twelve Oaks Vineyard.



Each season, our winemaker will select a medley of grapes and possibly fruits to conduct a symphony of flavors unique to each vintage year. Join in the discovery of this year’s harmony of flavors.



Nestled in Clinton County, Wilke Vineyard is home to Vidal Blanc grapes. Awaken your senses with the refreshing, crisp wine dancing with the tropical flavors of pear and pineapple.



Travel south to Anna, Illinois, and discover the charming LaFoon Vineyard, home to these Chardonel grapes. Enjoy this crisp wine whispering hints of apple and pear with a vanilla oak finish! Delight your senses!


Christmas in Carlyle

Nestled in Clinton County, Carlyle is a wonderful town emulating beauty and kindness. Celebrate the hope and wonder of the Christmas season with this velvety white wine!


Amour des Peches

No need for a passport to enjoy this delicious wine with natural peach flavors. Experience the romance of Paris! Amour!


Aged in Bourbon barrels, this sweet dessert wine is sure to delight the palette.





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